SHSEIDO LIFE WITH BEAUTY PROJECT We supports the Sustainable Development Goals


Shiseido creates a better world through beauty innovations,
while Watsons focuses on supporting people's lifestyles.
Hand in hand we can now both take action to achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)*.

Our mission is "To bring beauty into the lives of people all over the world."
To fully realize this, we aim to introduce beauty into lifestyles and everyday life.

By joining forces, we can together offer more than what we could individually.
That's our belief.

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WaterAid/ Ernest Randriarimalala

Water Giving Campaign

SENKA Watsons

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone is frequently reminded to
keep washing hands to help keep the disease at bay,
but when was the last time you stopped to consider how clean is
the water running through your fingers?

40% of the world’s population today lacks access to water at home,
while 900 million children do not have clean water at their schools.

Help bring clean water to vulnerable communities with the Life With Beauty Project.

What's #5scoopschallenge

#5scoopschallenge is an open challenge to wash off facial foam with only 5 handfuls of water.
It is an extremely hard challenge,
but we want you to take the challenge.
Take a video, share your video and
ask your friends to try!
Senka will donate based on the
number of posts and likes by you
and your friends !

  • STEP1

    Take SENKA (or any facial wash) from offscreen and get the lather ready!

  • STEP2

    Once the lather is ready, apply it to your face. And now the challenge begins!

  • STEP3

    Now you manage to rinse it off using up to 5 scoops of water!
    (PS: Use more than 5 scoops if
    needed to thoroughly wash off
    any foam left on the face)

  • STEP4

    SUCCESS if you wash it all off!
    Pass the SENKA to the next challenger offscreen!


Want to know how to make a perfect rich,
dense foam?

Click to learn!

How to Join #5scoopschallenge

The donation* amount increases in proportion to the number of posts/likes
(1 post counted as approx. 200 JPY and 1 like as 20 JPY)

*The foregoing donation shall be capped at an amount of 5 MJPY. facebook instagram
  • SNAP

    Take a video

  • TAG



    Upload your Video

  • Donation

    → Water

SENKA Perfect Whip
Best product for #5scoopschallenge

Try SENKA’s micro-whipped foam facial wash!
It helps remove skin dulness while
keeping moisture on your skin.

Find out more!(For Singapore)Find out more!(For Malaysia)

Bring hand washing essentials
to those who urgently need

Handwashing essentials are crucial
in the fight against COVID-19.
Help make them more accessible for those
in need with the #5scoopschallenge!

In partnership with WaterAid WaterAid/ Mani Karmacharya

Join the #5scoopschallenge for a worthy cause:
Every video post you share will result in a donation
to communities that urgently need access to handwashing essentials,
such as clean water, soap, hand sanitiser,
and disinfectant.
The more you post, the more is donated.

This initiative supports nonprofit organisation
WaterAid’s global COVID-19 response,
which benefits 26 countries.
It aims to install handwashing facilities
where they are needed most;
to provide the essentials for people
to wash their hands thoroughly;
and to share the simple but vital steps
we must all take to keep each
other safe and halt the spread of the COVID-19.

For more details, visit

In partnership with WaterAid WaterAid/ Mani Karmacharya